Applying methylation haplotype analysis to cell-free DNA

DNA methylation has once been called the '5th DNA base' due to its importance in gene regulation, and has been studied for decades. With the advent of next-generation sequencing (NGS) methylation has been studied on a genome-wide level, an expensive process requiring both generating sequence data and analyzing sequence data many orders of magnitude higher than what a typical clinical laboratory can handle.

Targeted methylation approaches have historically not been developed due to technical hurdles. Singlera announces a unique approach, examining methylation haplotypes (adjacent methylation sites on the same contiguous strand of DNA) from cell-free DNA as a method for cancer biomarker detection.

By using a highly specific and targeted methylation enrichment method, both the overall sample input requirement is lowered and the overall amount of sequencing necessary for excellent sensitivity is reduced.

  • Empirical Classifier – Derived from over 20,000 methylation haplotypes and 10 years of volunteer samples

  • High Sensitivity and Specificity – Taizhou Longitudinal Study results show greater than 95% sensitivity and over 96% specificity

  • Early Detection of Cancer – Data suggests detection of cancer four years before earliest conventional diagnosis

Efficient biomarker screening technology coupled with fast custom targeted methylation haplotyping and proprietary bioinformatics analysis.


Take a closer look at our leading-edge research in methylation and its role in disease in top research publications.


Learn how Singlera’s methylation haplotyping technology can give better cancer biomarker sensitivity.

Collaboration and Co-Development

Do you see promise in our methylation haplotype approach? Do you think it could complement work you are doing in developing in-vitro diagnostics for cancer?

Research Study Results


Sensitivity of PanSeer 4 years pre-conventional diagnosis


Specificity of PanSeer across 414 healthy individuals


Sensitivity of ColonES in Stage I Colorectal cancer


Specificity of ColonES in healthy individuals


Taizhou China volunteers
Years volunteers monitored
Number of methylation haplotype markers used in ColonES
Hours from DNA to sequencer-ready library


The Co-Founders of Singlera Genomics

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Johny Zhang, M.B.A., Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Rui Liu CTO Singlera Genomics
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Qiang Liu, M.B.A., Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

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At the leading edge of biology and assay technology, Singlera Genomics uses a new biomarker type called ctmDNA (circulating tumor methylated DNA) to peer into the future.

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